Dry Bulk

A dry bulk truck hauls a load down a tree-lined highway.
From architects to carpenters, plumbers and electricians — it takes many people to construct massive buildings. Companies that specialize in dry bulk trucking also play a vital role in any construction project. Without these dedicated individuals, the construction industry would be greatly impaired. They are responsible for transporting raw materials to manufacturers as well as delivering materials to job sites, and they also provide additional services.

1. Raw Materials Transportation

Concrete companies rely on dry bulk transportation specialists to fill their production facility’s demands for raw materials. This includes materials such as clay, lime, and fly ash, all of which are shipped in a dry, powder form. It’s imperative that no moisture reaches the cargo during transport, therefore, each mineral is shipped in an air-tight, weather proof container. Loading is accomplished with the help of gravity, while unloading is assisted by compressed air.

2. Job Site Deliveries

Transporting large amounts of premixed cement is generally cost prohibitive for a few reasons. First of all, it’s very heavy, and only limited amounts can be shipped at a time. For larger projects, multiple, successive loads have to be ordered and delivered at just the right moment. Projects can be delayed due to sudden changes in weather, leaving loaded cement trucks with nowhere to drop. However, dry bulk cement, however, can be stored on the job site in a cement pig and then mixed and poured when the timing is just right.

3. Additional Services

Dry bulk trucking companies are very one division of a logistics provider’s holdings. As such, they are able to offer services for a variety of cargo from lumber to heavy equipment. For construction companies, that means easy access to fleets of flatbed trailers and dry vans, when they’re needed. What’s more, many logistics companies also operate warehouse space that can be used to store valuable materials so they are not damaged or stolen.

It’s not hard to see why dry bulk trucking companies are so important to the construction industry. Not only do they keep the production of cement products moving, they also assure materials arrive on site when they’re needed. In addition, they often have access to a network of logistics services construction companies can benefit from.


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