3 Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics and Transportation

Posted by on Thursday, June 27, 2013 in News

To someone who knows the transportation industry, the basic advantages of outsourcing you transportation and logistics needs are well-known: lower overhead, better efficiency, and more time to focus on selling your goods, among others. Partnering with the Commercial Carrier Corporation gives our clients a few unique advantages that set us apart from most other carriers:

Dedicated Fleets

Perhaps CCC’s greatest asset to our clients is our ability to plan out and dedicate large amounts of resources over an extended period of time. We can deliver over 25,000 loads to a single location in the span of a year, yet also maintain flexibility to adjust loads and timing mid-course when necessary. This capability is born from our 66 years of experience, and makes working with CCC a seamless partnership.

3PL Services

CCC isn’t just a transportation company though: in addition to transporting your goods across the country, we can also offer warehousing services, on-site account management, or even third-party logistics management. Handling both your transportation and logistics from a single point of contact makes more sense, and saves our clients money.

Safe & Secure

CCC consistently ranks in the 98th percentile of CSA metrics for areas like Unsafe Driving, Vehicle Maintenance, and Service Hours. Our commitment to our clients is getting the load delivered quickly, and safely.

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