What You Need to Know About Southeast Linehauls

Posted by on Monday, January 9, 2017 in Logistics

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CCC Transportation is part of a family of carriers based in Florida.

Southeast linehauls are in great demand during particular seasons, namely produce season when the truck rates are noticeably higher and the loads aren’t particularly taxing. (In the industry, linehaul simply refers to the transport of cargo from one point to another. Southeast references the southeastern region of the United States, hence southeast linehauls.)

This is often an ideal situation for many companies needing carriers due to availability of equipment. States like Florida are produce-driven and have an abundance of loads during heavy seasons. It could be the short-lived strawberry season from March to May or the April to June peach season, these are times when truck availability is plentiful.

That same blessing can also be a curse, as the aforementioned seasonal rates will require companies to pay more to get their freight moved. These southern-based companies are valuable assets and can protect customers from paying for the yearly produce rate hikes.

Many transportation companies, like those in Florida and other southern regions offer year round contracts. Being based in regions home to these seasonal spikes requires that these companies focus on year round work. Many companies, (unkindly referred to as “produce chasers”) won’t even start their tractor for anything less than top-tier produce rates during these seasons. Southern based trucking companies are more inclined to enter into a relationship that extends beyond the produce season.

Every company that has regular runs or often works within the lanes of these linehauls will benefit from having dedicated carriers. Advantages of companies that afford options such as power unit solutions, dry van options and logistical support are felt both financially and practically. Some of those advantages include:

The goal is simple, to get what you want – where you want – when you want. The answer is smart, a dedicated, controlled and on-time full service transportation provider that delivers.

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