What Is a Power Only Solution in Trucking?

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If you lease, or own, cargo trailers, and no tractors, or not enough tractors to keep up with the trailers, you’ve got a problem. This is easily overcome by partnering with a third-party logistics provider that offers a service called power only solutions.

As you might expect, this means that they provide the tractor and driver, or power, to move a trailer from one location to another. These companies are uniquely equipped to handle trailers of all types, including flatbeds, dry vans, refrigerated trailers and, in some cases, tankers. But, exactly what is a power only solution in trucking? And, what are the benefits, and should you be taking advantage of this service?

How Power Only trucking Works

Power-only shipping is an industry term that trucking companies use for hiring an independent driver or a logistics company to move a trailer you own or lease. Fleet owners frequently use power only services when demand for tractors exceeds their capabilities.

Most power only trucking companies are equipped to haul a number of different types of trailers, whether they’re empty or full. When a tractor is requested, an experienced driver picks up the load and transports it to another location, where it is dropped off.

What are the benefits?

The cost of operating even the smallest of fleets is substantial, especially when you factor in new equipment purchases, maintenance, fuel, insurances, permits, as well as driver salaries and benefits. Alternatively, owning, or leasing, trailers and outsourcing the power is a much more attractive ,and financially sound alternative.

Hiring as needed is a fraction of the cost of an in-house fleet and staff, thus improving the company’s profit margin. It’s also an extremely flexible option that allows for up, or downsizing, whenever necessary to accommodate demand.

Is It Right For Me?

The answer to that question is, it depends upon your unique logistics needs. Power only solutions are used by businesses for a huge variety of reasons. Sometimes, trailers are only used for storage, or long-term use at a job site, or other location. In these cases, it might not make sense to keep a tractor, and driver, on standby until the trailer needs to be moved, since it’s so infrequent. Power only solutions are also a viable option for companies that need additional tractors on occasion, but otherwise maintain a fleet. Consult with a trusted logistics provider for for help in deciding whether power only solutions are right for your circumstances.

When you take advantage of power-only solutions offered by a reputable logistics provider, you can rest assured that you’ll never stress the logistics of moving a trailer again. When you call, a professional driver in a well-maintained tractor will be dispatched and the trailer will be moved efficiently and safely to its destination, when you need it to be there. In addition, you know you’re making a sound business decision because it’s budget friendly, scalable and improves the way your supply chain functions.

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