The trucking industry is full of specialty offerings from flatbeds to cargo vans and refrigerated trucking options. Shippers can also choose from short-haul, long-haul, intermodal and regional shipping services. Another option that many rely upon are dedicated power only solutions. This pertains to hiring a logistics company to provide an adequately powered tractor and a professional driver to move a trailer of some type. There are three types of companies that benefit the most from this type of logistics offering.

Cash-Strapped Businesses

Companies that are keeping a close eye on their capital oftentimes choose to own their own trailers, but not the tractor to pull them. The reason is pure economics. It’s simply less expensive to outsource the power portion than it is to purchase and maintain them. This type of company may own several dry van, or flatbed, trailers that they use to transport products. The trailers that are used belong to logistics companies, in most cases, that hire professional drivers, maintain and repair the fleet as well as handling all the regulatory compliance activities, permits and other issues as they arise.

Space Restricted Companies

Some companies simply do not have the real estate available to handle a large number of vehicles in a convenient manner. They may be restricted for space due to local ordinances, or simply because their location is not appropriate for that type of activity. They may, however, have enough room to store a few trailers when they are not in use. In cases such as this, it would be impossible to keep enough tractors on hand to manage demand without housing them in a different location, which increases costs and liability.

Those That Are In A Hurry

Some shipments of cargo are of a time-sensitive nature. They must be delivered in a very narrow window of time to avoid costly delays in manufacturing, for example. A reputable, experienced power only solutions provider that offers expedited service is a real game changer in this instance. They develop strong relationships with their customers by being responsive and flexible enough to meet even the tightest deadlines. Because they often employ a large number of drivers, it is nearly guaranteed that a truck and driver will be available, even at the last minute.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios that have been discussed above, consider adding power only solutions into your logistics mix. You will find that by incorporating this specialized service, you are able to conserve capital and space while still fulfilling your own customer’s demand. These three things will benefit your company in the short-term by improving your supply chain. In the long-term, you will see increased profit potential and the opportunity to expand your business.

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