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logistics-1We know your business is complex. And optimizing your in-house transportation and supply chain management needs in-house has never been more costly or treacherous. Whether it’s 3PL solutions or retail direct store deliver, CCC Transportation has you covered.

The escalating cost to operate Private Fleets makes the challenge more difficult. We are the most qualified and partner for your Private Fleet Conversion. We can even dispose of your equipment assets through our deep network of resale markets.

We’re also experience, reliable providers of retail direct story delivery, a system that can help further integrate your business into cost-saving technology.

3PL Services We Offer

We are backed by the strength of COMCAR Industries to give you the lowest cost and most complete solution – and let you manage your core competencies and bottom line. With one seamless single point of contact, we can deliver:

  • Warehousing
  • On-site account management
  • Routing guide and carrier administration
  • Third-party logistics management
  • Safety education and training

See how CCC’s unsurpassed customer support will work for you. We invite you to contact our professional team for a unique proposal.

Why use Retail Direct Store Delivery?

Retailers have long understood that direct store delivery helps streamline their supply chain, saves money and gives them greater control of their inventory. Mobile and wireless technologies are, perhaps, the most important aspect of direct store delivery operations. Increasingly, suppliers of these services are turning towards rugged handheld devices, mobile printers and cloud technology. Adoption of these tools of the trade helps to ensure that there is a high level of coordination between consumer packaged goods suppliers (CPGs), retailers and delivery companies.

Delivery drivers are in and out of their trucks multiple times a day. Their device, whether it’s a handheld scanner or a tablet, is likely with them each time. Harsh conditions such as extreme heat, cold rain and dusty environments can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment. Likewise, a drop from the cab of the truck can cause irreparable damage and stall deliveries. Consumer grade electronics simply are not up to this kind of challenge. Therefore, it’s vital that enterprise-grade devices are used. They can withstand shocks and wear and tear and stand up to the worst of weather.

Accuracy You Can Rely On

Whenever a delivery is made, the driver must produce a delivery receipt for the receiver so that they can double-check the order and ensure everything is accurate. In the past, that meant carrying a stack of pre-printed forms, sorting them out, giving a copy to the receiver, and keeping another for the delivery company. With a wireless-enabled printer, drivers can quickly print out a receipt and much more. They’re also capable of printing updated shelf labeling, inventory and price lists, as well as invoices on the spot. This makes it easier to manage inventory and helps with loss prevention.

Cloud Technology in Your Distribution

From the distribution center where drivers receive their order manifests and route for the day to the moment of delivery, it is imperative that everyone is on the same page. Cloud technology allows everyone to access the same information, therefore reducing confusion and ensuring that every step of the process is smooth and trouble-free. For example, the driver can provide a delivery confirmation to the distribution center, the dispatch office and the customer at the same time. Likewise, if there is a schedule, or order change, it can be communicated quickly and accurately, further increasing supply chain efficiency.

Direct store deliveries are an efficient, cost-effective means of managing a busy retail supply chain. With the addition of technologies such as rugged handheld devices, portable printers and cloud technologies, the benefits are tremendous. Over time, there is no doubt that these operational improvements will evolve and become even more useful to the entire supply chain.

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