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When most people picture a truck, they picture a truck with a dry van trailer. Most are 53 feet in length that ship non-liquid products. These trucks are constantly hauling everything from goods you’ll later see on the shelf at a big box retailer to components a factory needs to manufacture their products.

CCC has a powerful, safe fleet of dry van trucks ready to get your goods to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

As only a nimble asset-based carrier can do, CCC sets itself apart by having a deep understanding of your expectations and requirements for fast and efficient transportation of your products. We service the industries of retail, grocery, home improvement, food and beverage, and other consumer goods.

Long-Haul Dry Van Services

If you’re moving something into Florida or somewhere else in the Southeast, CCC can help you get it there.

Short-haul and Regional Dry Van Services

Sometimes you don’t need to move something cross-country — you just need to make sure that your goods make it from port to a delivery spot. CCC offers reliable drayage services.

Dedicated Dry Van Fleets 

When you have a seasonal upswing in production, it may not make sense to make permanent increases to your fleet. That’s where a dedicated fleet from CCC can step in and be the capacity you need to take advantage of a market opportunity.

Safe, On-Time Delivery

We are fully Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliant, metric and appointment driven. We stand by our capacity commitment year-round.

And there’s no job too large: CCC also features an ultra-high payload fleet in Florida. This powerful tractor-trailer combination handles payloads of 50,500 lbs. and more.

To learn more, contact our 3PL team at CCC to discuss the scope of your dry van logistics.

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