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How Dry Van Trucking Companies Keep Cargo Safe

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Dry van trucking companies transport a huge number of loads full of everything from food items to building materials every minute of the day. Each load must be protected against unscrupulous groups and individuals. Nothing is safe from thieves and cargo theft is a serious problem, costing companies as much as $30 billion in the U.S. alone. While it’s not possible to eliminate all threats of theft, there are some things trucking companies can do to minimize its occurrence.

Vulnerable Cargo

By far, the most popular type of cargo for thieves is food and beverage. In fact, this segment makes up over 25% of all cargo thefts as of 2015. The reason this type of cargo is chosen by thieves is quite simple, there are no serial numbers or other identifying information on packages, or cans of food.

What’s more, shippers do not include RFID tags on products, or within their packaging. Additionally, once stolen, these items are quickly consumed, so there is no evidence of theft. The truth is, however, every load of cargo, including dry bulk chemicals, construction materials, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics can be a target for theft.

What Drivers Do

It’s up to the driver to keep a load secure during transit and while stopped. This starts my making sure the load is properly locked so the trailer cannot be opened by anyone who’s not authorized. The easiest thing a driver can do is to pay close attention to everything that is going on around them.

While driving, it’s vital that the driver watches other vehicles, especially those that seem to be following them and reports any suspicious activity. Drivers that transport cargo across the country have to stop periodically to rest and eat. While they’re out of the truck, it is vulnerable to attack. Parking in fully-lit, busy rest areas and truck stops, backed up to a fence or building is another way drivers can minimize the possibility of theft.

What Dry van Companies Do

Cargo thieves are a savvy bunch that often use technology to intercept loads by posing as legitimate logistics providers. They’ve discovered ways to gain access to trucking company delivery schedules, cargo manifests and other sensitive information. They then use that data to either impersonate a reputable carrier and take the load, or to locate a load that is left unattended. Trucking companies can mitigate some of these techniques by establishing strict protocols for identifying the driver and the company before a load is released. They can also install high-tech tracking on their trucks and trailers that allows them to monitor loads at all time.

These days, trucking companies, logistics providers, shippers and receivers alike must be fully aware of the danger of cargo theft. High tech security systems, redundant locks, diligent drivers and security protocols all minimize the potential for theft. At CCC Transportation, we take every measure possible to assure that every load that we transport arrives at its destination safely and securely. Our commitment to security helps keep costs low and assures your supply chain continues to operate smoothly.

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