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Why Use a Dedicated Power Only Solution?

Posted by on Friday, December 2, 2016 in Dedicated Fleets

regional day cab dry van ccc transportationFor the busy company, dedicated power-only solutions provide safe and effective shipping alternatives.

When your merchandising or production output exceed the number of tractors you have available to move the goods around the country, dedicated power-only solutions solve the dilemma.

With dedicated power, you load your empty trailers and flatbeds with the knowledge that a tractor will be picking them up and hauling the merchandise to wherever it needs to go. Power only solutions focus on you, the customer, and expedite your needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Always a great alternative at crunch- time

Whether you run your own trucking arm of your manufacturing concern or not, dedicated power is a great way to handle the holidays and other seasonal rushes. It’s a great way to free up your energies for running your company and making more money, knowing that your freight is being handled by licensed and trained professionals.

Dedicated power, it’s all about your needs

Because the power is dedicated, no other freight will be sharing the ride, no LTL brokers bogging down schedules and ship dates. Your product is shipped smoothly to where it needs to go without any fuss or scheduling issues.

Flexibility in load and scheduling

Dedicated power carriers offer a wide range of tractors and engine configurations geared toward providing you the best machinery for the job. If needed, trailers can be provided and dropped off for your use. Whether you are shipping floral arrangements or large generator components, your weight class needs are covered by an extensive fleet of vehicles. Flexibility in scheduling is also a benefit of dedicated power services, If you cannot meet a deadline for the tractor service, you can schedule a new pick-up date for the following day.

Get the professionalism and support you need

Power-only carriers provide excellent support services for their customers. From load analysis and recommendations to 24/7 customer service, all your questions and concerns will be met. Third party carriers have to pass every level of licensing and training that first party carriers do, so your load is in good hands. State of the art route tracking and equipment sensors round out the picture of a robust trucking alternative designed to work with your needs and your schedule. You can track your loads at any time during the shipping process.

Whatever the rush may be, you’re covered

When the rush is on, whether it be a Christmas kind of boom or a seasonal fruit hauling job, dedicated power- only services are the answer. Give yourself and your employees less stress during your busy season by leveraging the services of power-only carriers.

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